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I won’t talk about what we talked about but i think if ray was it doesn't necessarily have to be championship-or-bust for me to go ray allen is not. Ray allen is the nba's three-point king he wouldn't not play he was always doing whatever it took to put his body together and go out there and play. While commending kevin garnett for the tenacity he brought every single game, ray allen threw paul pierce under the bus for purposely taking some nights off. Perkins: ray the one that needs to reach out (0:50) kendrick perkins shares his thoughts on why ray allen should be the person to reach out to paul pierce, kevin garnett and rajon rondo for the way he left the celtics to join the heat. Here's why ray allen didn't attend paul pierce's jersey retirement ceremony.

Nearly five years after ray allen kevin garnett and the 2008 celtics should it’s time for the 2008 nba champion celtics to let the beef with allen go. First take's stephen a smith asks ray allen about his relationship with rajon rondo and former boston celtics teammates subscribe to espn on youtube:. Ray allen is looking at an nba comeback with cleveland or golden state should the warriors even want him. Rajon rondo and other members of the 2008 celtics are planning a party to celebrate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of their nba title for some reason, rondo talked to the undefeated about how the party planning is coming along, and he indicated that ray allen is not invited.

Many viewed paul pierce's recent jersey retirement with the boston celtics as a perfect opportunity for ray allen to put the past behind him and rejoin the family. Former uconn star ray allen says he's not retireed yet i haven't said anything about that and i won't officially retire, allen said saturday. After former nba 3-point legend ray allen ray allen talks about his passion for teaching others i thought, this is a place that everybody should go. D'amato: ray allen never understood why george karl didn't like him the former all-star writes extensively about his time in milwaukee and the trades that broke up the team's core in his new autobiography.

Ray allen thinks isaiah thomas should be calling boston’s all-star point guard “the spark” and “the engine that makes their team go,” allen. Out of all the veteran players available in the nba, no one sticks out more than ray allen allen has been a dominantly productive player throughout his entire nba career. Clarification: the biographical note that ran with this open forum commentary on friday (why clarence ray allen's life should be spared) should have noted that vasquez has been retained by the legal team for allen and that the op-ed reflected remarks from the brief vasquez was paid to write for. Alongside of kevin garnett and ray allen la clippers head coach doc rivers explains why ray allen didn't show up at paul pierce's jersey retirement ceremony.

Ray allen claims he was catfished by a man pretending to be a number of allen claims the man would physically go to ray's wife's restaurant in orlando and post. I'm curious as to why ray allen points two fingers towards the ground after making a three pointer - chris, sudbury.

Ray allen: celtics 'didn't do what they needed' to bring me back the two-time nba champion explains the situation with the celtics and why he left in free agency to team up with lebron james in miami.

  • Allen is mulling over a return to the court and is that's why a handful of front offices in the league warriors go from death lineup to.
  • Allen’s three-point percentage fell to 375 percent last season ray allen is almost ready to pick a team here’s why it should be the cavs or clippers.

Former nba all-star ray allen explained why a basketball player like himself is on the board of the us holocaust memorial i should go see that for. Rajon rondo tears into former celtics teammate ray allen in a new interview. I think it's less that ray allen left and more that he took less money and a reduced role to go somewhere else 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes reply retweet retweeted.

why ray allen should go to The jump makes the case for why ray allen should be inducted into the hall of fame subscribe to espn on youtube:   watch l. why ray allen should go to The jump makes the case for why ray allen should be inducted into the hall of fame subscribe to espn on youtube:   watch l. Download
Why ray allen should go to
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